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Transfer and Accommodation

NBK can arrange transport and accommodation packages for corporate and group events.

Corporate groups often have conference, workshop, strategic planning or team retreats. There are also events arranged for visiting groups from overseas offices or corporate partners. NBK has experience at providing dedicated transport and / or accommodation packages for events like this.

If your sports club or friendship group wants to arrange group transport for an event, as we have said NBK has been providing these services to runners competing in the Two Oceans Marathon for the past 15 years.

Some of the client groups that regularly use our services.
  • SA Hockey
  • Central Gauteng Athletics
  • Basketball SA
  • The Two Oceans Marathon, Cape Town
  • The Comrades Marathon, Durban
  • Eskom Gijimas
  • Liberty Nike Running Club
  • Carlton Athletic Running Club
Key Benefits
  • one stop logistical support
  • single pricing solution
  • one direction billing payment

Our working relationships with third-party coach services, knowledge of a variety of conference venues and facilities gives us the capacity to advise you on possible venues or areas your organising team can consider as destinations for your event.

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